Thread Lift


Thread Lift Treatment: Your Guide to Pre and Post-Care

Achieve a Youthful Look with Minimal Downtime

Pre-Treatment Instructions:

Prepare for your Thread Lift procedure by following these guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful treatment:

  • Clothing: Opt for loose and comfortable clothing on the day of your appointment.
  • Hair Removal: Shave or remove any excessive hair in the treatment area beforehand.
  • Jewelry: Please remove all jewelry or piercings in the treatment area.
  • Skin Prep: Avoid body lotions or oils on or near the area to be treated.
  • Blood Thinners: Refrain from taking baby aspirin, Aleve, Motrin, vitamins E and D, multivitamins, and fish oils at least 3 days prior (consult your physician before stopping any prescribed medications).
  • Alcohol and Smoking: Abstain from alcohol for 7 days and smoking for 2 days before and 2 weeks after the treatment.
  • Health Status: Inform your clinician of any recent illnesses, hospitalizations, or changes in your medical history.
  • Sun Exposure: Protect your skin from sunburn prior to the appointment.

Please Discuss if You Have:

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, acute illnesses, autoimmune deficiencies, bleeding disorders, keloid or hypertrophic scarring, or recent dental work.

Post-Treatment Instructions:

Follow these care tips after your Thread Lift to maximize results and comfort:

  • Immediate Care: Expect some soreness and avoid touching the entry points for 48 hours.
  • Cool Compress: Apply gently (in 30-minute increments) to reduce swelling but avoid direct ice application.
  • Pain Management: Use Tylenol for discomfort; avoid anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Sleeping Position: Try to sleep on your back for 3-5 days post-treatment.
  • Skincare: Resume your skin care routine after 24 hours and avoid applying makeup directly over entry points.
  • Activity Restrictions: Refrain from strenuous exercise for 4 weeks and avoid exaggerated facial expressions for 2-3 weeks.
  • Hygiene: Wait 24 hours before washing the treated area and avoid hot showers for a week.
  • Diet and Lifestyle: No smoking or alcohol for 1-2 weeks to facilitate healing.
  • Follow-up: Schedule a follow-up appointment with your injector after one week.


  • Avoid massaging or applying pressure to the treated area for 2 months.
  • Do not engage in dental work for 4 weeks post-treatment.
  • Keep the entry point clean and avoid picking at any scabs that form.

Ensuring Optimal Results:

Our team is committed to providing you with the best care before, during, and after your Thread Lift treatment. For any concerns or additional guidance, please contact us directly.